Tuesday, July 24, 2012

As I was skimming through some links to Right Wing Texas blogs, I found one that caught my attention. The blog is called Empower Texans, and the particular story, GOP Battle Brewing Over Texas Taxes, is in the least, an interesting one...and very entertaining. Written on July 20, 2012, Michael Quin Sullivan, writes about how one of our genius...uhm...Republican...State Representatives, Harvey Hilderbran, is toying with the idea of completely doing away with "residential and commercial property taxes." Yes, just what we need right now, less taxes. This is not the way to go people. When first reading this, I thought to myself, this is a hoax, they can't seriously be considering this?? Oh that's right this is Texas, where the Republicans have officially lost their freakin' minds.

I belive that Sullivan is trying to reach out to Republican business and land owners who have somehow come to the conclusion that they deserve to be an exception to all of the rules. After all what is Texas if not exceptionally above the rest of the United States? Joking!! This becomes apparent when Sullivan writes, "This is no doubt welcome news for many Texans struggling under one of the nation’s highest property tax burdens."

Sullivan goes on to quote the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute. They state that property tax, “abridges private property rights: if one can never take full ownership of land or a house, the constitutional right to private property is a false promise.” Uhm, you do own your house, you're simply paying for your city to run in a civilized manner, and for your children to be able to go to public school. Of course, the rich can just send their children to private school right? Oh, is that why this is an issue for them?

Actually Sullivan does get one thing right when he writes, "Of course, the devil is in the details of which property taxes are abolished, and what – if anything – replaces those revenues" Yes, that's because right now, that would take the Texas economy in the opposite direction, right?

Another, very crap "source" Sullivan uses for validating the idea of this nonsense is, the Republican Party of Texas. They say the solution is to shift commercial and property taxes onto consumption based taxes. Ok. So, let's take from the poor and give to the rich. Tax everyday consumers for products and services that they desperately need. Yet, leave the homeowner to own their little piece of Texas free and clear.

Next, Sullivan goes on to give some good insight of a more down to earth State Rep, named Jim Keffer. Sullivan explains that Keffer recently ran a study and concluded that a consumer based tax would, increase sales tax, as well as food and medicine being taxed.

Here's a great idea, how about a fixed interest rate on property taxes? That seems like a much more feasible idea to me. Also, putting a cap on spending will improve our economy. It is time to weed out the corruption that is going on in Texas. That is the way to a brighter future and a brighter economy.

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