Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Perry's Pride

Well our knight in shining armor Governor Rick Perry has saved us all once again. I picture him riding up on a big white steed, sword in hand, as all of his Republican supporters chant his name and clap with great vigor. If only they were smart enough to realize that they will be the one's paying for his mistake and dragging Texas further down into the pits of hell. Yes people, hell.

There is an article I found on the Austin Chronicle website informing us about Perry's decision to reject the very constitutional Affordable Care Act for Texans, and heck govern his own little country down here. This article is very effective in giving you a clear idea of what will happen if we don't get some help her for our health care system. I have summarized below.

 Perry anounced last week that he will not be putting the Affordable Care Act into effect for us Texans. Nor will he be accepting any Federal funding to explicate Medicaid coverage. Now let's keep in mind that a lot of children are in great need of Medicaid coverage, as well as the parents who care for them. When someone doesn't have health insurance, they have to go to the hospital, where they can not be refused. I was there the other day and got a bill for about 3,000 dollars. Luckily, I have health insurance to cover PART of it. Lightbulb?

I am not willing to pay for Perry's pride...are you? Texas ain't it's own country people! By the way, if it was we wouldn't be doing so well, that's for sure.

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